Artist Statement

Because I am committed to the joy and energy of the process of creating a painting, each of my paintings is unique in that it takes me on a journey. My intense love of line, shape and colour combine to make an exciting or compelling work.

Texture and spatial relationships are two elements that are vital to me. My painting is as much about the movement and manipulation of the paint as it is about any given subject. Although I have content in mind and begin with a drawing, I do not plan how my paintings will look when they are finished, but allow them to take on a life of their own and develop and transform as I work, responding intuitively to the colours and lines of each piece. If there is a subject, it is an exploration of space and distance, an expression of the tension and/or ease that exists between people and their environment.

My work is expressionistic and somewhat surreal. It is about the process and the mystery of discovery. It is about constructing and de-constructing, creating and destroying and re-creating. When I make a painting, I do not focus on the outcome, but concentrate on the motion and energy of mark making. It is about the journey, not the destination.


Jennifer Gimzewski